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The fair maidenSeems to be active and frugal; the world she may claim as her portion.70%That which I crave may everywhere be hadWith me I bring the one thing needful--love.


"I sing, like birds of blithesome noteThat in the branches dwell;The song that rises from the throRepays the minstrel well.78%HASTEN thee, Kronos!On with clattering trotDownhill goeth thy path;Loathsome dizziness ever,When thou delayest, assails me.


Now let us cease to discourse on such a sorrowful subject,For men's hearts are easily overshadow'd by terror,And by care, more odious far to me than misfortune.49%Death all around him he sees, his last minutes in cruelty spends he,Wildly exulting in blood, and exulting in howls and in anguish.


Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:27%And as I mounted, from the valley roA streaky mist, that upward slowly spread,Then bent, as though my form it would encloseThen, as on pinions, soar'd above my head:My gaze could now on no fair view reposein mournful veil conceal'd, the world seem'd dead;The clouds soon closed around me, as a tomb,And I was left alone


Then for their son themselves the bride the parents selected,And a friend of the house was secretly call'd in the first place.78%Bravo! added in turn the druggist, with eagerness speaking"Had I but money to spare in my pocket, you surely should have it,Silver and gold alike; for your followers certainly need it.

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So the winter now closed round themWith resistless fury.88%Thecircumstances attending or giving rise to the production of anyof the Poems will be found specified in those cases in which theyhave been ascertained by me.


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